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Hybrid cars are partially electrified vehicles that still use an internal combustion engine; whether it's to drive the wheels or just charge the battery. Unlike an Electric Vehicle or Battery Electric Vehicle, Hybrids also have a petrol or diesel engine to fall back on if the electricity power to the vehicle runs out. Hybrids are a stepping stone to full Electric Vehicles, and are also a cleaner alternative to standard combustion engine cars, but with more range than a standard EV.  Simply put, they're a bridge between the fossil-fuel age and the new era of electrification. If you want to reduce your CO2 emissions, save fuel, dodge congestion charges and potentially lower your tax bills, a Hybrid vehicle is for you - and you're in the right place!

No Payment is taken - we will contact you to get full details of your vehicle and services needed and to quote you a price!  


We have courtesy cars, waiting room facilities with Wifi, snackage and reading materials.

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Vehicle Sourcing

We save our customers AND get you the vehicle to your specification

WHY EV-Hybrid?


All of our vehicles undergo a full inspection, valeting and preparation process


Want to try out a Hybrid?  Get in touch and have a go!


Drive away or have it delivered at your convenience. 30 miles radius.


All vehicles are supplied with a standard warranty, this can be extended


Our Technicians are fully qualified for all Hybrid vehicle makes


All vehicles are supplied fully serviced and additional service packages are available

NEED ADVICE? - We're here to help!

Case Studies


Handover of a fabulous Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Business Edition. Superb car and sourced to order, meeting the exact customer specification and delivered well under budget.

Yaris for Site.jpg

A stunning Yaris Hybrid, which a regular customer upgraded to from his old petrol Yaris. With only 2,000 miles on the clock, he won't need another upgrade for a long time.


A Lexus RX450H which we sourced, serviced and repaired for a customer - isn't she a beauty?

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